Nikki Scioscia is a multimedia artist and activist based in Charleston, South Carolina. Whether she is making hand-drawn illustrations, designing digitally, or filming a video, she uses her work to raise awareness and express gratitude. She is a graduate of the College of Charleston and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Communication. She has also studied art in Florence, Italy and at Penland School of Crafts in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Nikki is passionate about how the intersections of spirituality, feminism, and environmentalism cultivate sustainable societal transformation.


With black ink on paper, Scioscia creates lush dreamscapes of flora, fauna, and the female form. Her meditative line work emulates the subtle vibrations that connect all beings, inviting the viewer to reconnect to that place within themselves. She draws inspiration from sacred nature, dreams, ceremonies, and her yoga and meditation practices. She often uses herself as a model to relate her personal experience during this era of crumbling patriarchal systems and the rising of collective feminine consciousness.